By , 2013 April 3

Drawing is brain exercise. As I fill up my brain with lots of stuff, it expands a little bit. I then let thousands and thousands of words worth of numbers, colours, forms, and actions, out onto the page. They can there be absorbed by somebody else’s brain, in a clearer, developed, more amenable form. My brain is then nice and calm. For a while.

I like to draw directly from my mind. I like to look at things too, but i like less to look and draw at the same time. This means that when I’m looking, I need to absorb the essence of that thing, understand it. If the output’s convincing, it’s because I’ve learnt something prior to drawing it.

Time is the challenging 4th dimension. For drawing as well. Drawing “time” leads to all kinds of unnatural looking graphic devices. But somehow we understand them. To embrace this challenge makes for work that comes alive. I think of my drawings as single frame animations.