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By , 2014 July 14

A concertina picture book by Chris Guest.

48 full colour pages, wordless, 19 x 27 cm

Floating Horizon offers people of all ages some time to recharge. It will lift you up, and ground you at the same time. Again and again and again.

Across a single continuously evolving hand-drawn image, there is an abundance of detail, brilliance of colour, and a strong sense of flow. You can read it like a traditional book, or pull it out to see the whole thing at once

From concrete city to mountain top, deep rivers and beyond, you are immersed in the energy of the world that surrounds us. It gives a familiar view of where we now stand, and a clear vision of where we should go. It will help you see further.

If you’d like more info, you could visit the now closed crowd funding campaign page.

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