2014 July 20

I live in the gold rush town of Castlemaine, Australia, with my partner Cathy Parry (of Industrial Sewing Workshop) and our two young sons. I’ve been an architect since I was 12. I’m now 40 years old. This architect thing is really starting to grow on me. For the last year, I’ve finally been practicing under my […]

Our house


2014 July 13

Our house is small. It was built in 2010. Inside: 65 sqm, 2 Adults, 2 small kids. Outside: 591 sqm, 4 chickens, 3 guinea pigs, various fish, at least one blue-tounge lizard.

Shade sail


2014 May 4

We have shade sails on the east and west of our house during summer. They keep the house 2 to 3C degrees cooler. The space underneath them becomes a pleasant green buffer zone, especially on the more exposed western side.



2014 April 25

Here’s our bathroom in a split shot. Its right underneath our solar hot water panels. It’s tiny at 1.1 x 2.5m. At one end is the laundry, at the other is the shower, the bath is yet to arrive. The ‘wet-floor’ is what makes it sensible. There’s no shower base or need for a screen, […]



2014 April 12

Our kitchen is along one end of the main room. The slot window looks west to the sunset. The challenge was to make it fit into the width of the house without an island bench. This is why the bench is double loaded, appliances and stove top at the rear, prep area right in front […]



2014 April 5

This is our very comfortable living room which has big sun collecting windows looking out onto the yard. Yes, okay, okay, maybe this scene is usually covered in Lego and children’s random clothes.



2014 April 4

In order to fit into our tiny house, our boys (5 and 7) sleep in our walk-through-robe. Just kidding, it’s more like our clothes and linen is stored above their beds. The boys really like them. They were mean’t to be just for a few years. Probably until about the age of 10 or 11 […]

Wood shed


2014 April 4

Its so much better to have dry wood, without slugs. I built this shed out of timber scrounged from within one block of our house. It holds a whole winters worth of neatly stacked wood and kindling at 4 cubic meters. From this we get warmth (the overnight low was -2C about a dozen times last […]