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  1. […] Floating Horizon flows and morphs between three thematic sections: a sprawling contemporary city, wild bushland (and the various human encroachments into nature) and, finally, a futuristic ‘liveable’ city. […]

  2. Peter Ryan says:

    Just bought three copies for my grand kids for xmas-

  3. Dan says:

    I’ve shown this book to about ten people now, and they all think it is amazing.
    I love the use of perspective, and the seamless transition between pages.
    Floating Horizon is a true work of art.

  4. Fantastic work bringing this concept into reality. As a cartoonist myself, I can appreciate the work that you put into the artwork. I am very impressed. Before my printed book arrived, I had already seen the website-quality version of the comic. However, I was glad to spend the time poring over the fine details of the artwork in the book. Enjoyed noticing things that I hadn’t previously spotted, such as: the lengthening shadows of suburbia, the colours of sunset reflected in the waterway, the skinny dipper, blimp-assisted logging transportation, green roof-topped houses.

  5. Martin says:

    A vision of light and optimism in a river of cars.

  6. Darren Jones says:

    My two boys and I have enjoyed looking at the book both in the page by page and extended format lain out in our hall way, an interesting concept well executed.

  7. Tim Preston says:

    I’ve been getting a longer look at Floating Horizon since we received our copy. It says a lot for a book with no words! I love it and will continue to pour over the pages and make the connections. These are grand themes and vision, beautifully rendered — definitely not small architecture!

  8. Phillip Youakim says:

    Fantastic book for the whole family to enjoy…at one time!

  9. Dylan says:

    Got my books! Awesome! Congratulations chris!

  10. Kellie says:

    Just received mine in the mail, most impressed.

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